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I said yes twice and turned the other […]. THE Fractal Field University - with 4 latest conference films up-to celebrate launching-and announce our themes www. We have just started to discover the gateway functions of DNA to information fields, the bridge to what Rupert Sheldrake called the morphic genetic fields of life. Studies further revealed that the codons actually form words and sentences just like our ordinary human language follows grammar rules. Researching the internet I have not found much material, some forum posts of a few girls who have experienced this once or twice, also during an exam. And sometimes the damn thing breaks.
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Beneviste also demonstrated that by simply placing a second bottle next to the first one he could xerox the properties of the water from one bottle to the other. Now the torus is a unique flow form in hydrodynamics, it allows fluids to spiral inwards and outwards on the same surface of the torus. So is there any proof that may corroborate the validity of this Hermetic principle in our universe? They formed perfect geometrical hexagonal structured ice crystals. Haven t been on them since, don t know why because I love orgasms.
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When more and more fossils were found in the quest to find the missing links in the fossil records, paradoxically more and more evidence was being collected that evolution took place in quantum leaps of species such as from invertebrates to vertebrates. If we assume that the universe is indeed in a perpetual cycle of birth and dead then the doughnut torus shape can perfectly explain and model this behavior. Whereas destructive interference is the norm in wave interference; the only exception in nature is when the waves interfere with Golden Mean ratio wavelengths! Sling shot - Sunny Beach Bulgaria! Consciousness is related to ether vibrations. They have the density of millions to billions times the mass of our Sun and the gravitational force of black holes is so strong that nothing can escape from it, not even light. So how does the heart and brain waves that have long wavelengths connect and lock with the much shorter wavelengths of the DNA?
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The Platonic solids arrange themselves in what chaos theory calls fractal patterns weaving a matrix in space interconnecting atoms with the stars. It was the light through which the soul descended into the human body and that can also be used to ascend to higher planes. Torsion fields are therefore information fields as they encode everything that has left its traces in the form of torsion waves in this universe. The Intelligent Design theory states that life on Earth is the result of an intelligent design in stead off by an unguided process of trial and error. The tender hugs and caressing between people seemed to follow predictable envelopes of pressure that were universal.
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