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When the internet started, few guessed how it would develop. The latest episode of environmental activists playing fast and loose with the facts, however, may be their undoing. David Cameron, luxuriating in the prospect of weak opposition, has a chance to think about radical reform of both the private and public sectors. Greens are too hard on coal. Gene editing is already starting to save the lives of human cancer patients and generate healthier crops.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Prison reform, social reform, moral reform, civil service reform, reform of the corn laws, above all parliamentary reform. One reason is that he now has more political cover on the issue of immigration. My Times column on the surprising correlation between prosperity and improving conservation outcomes:. The first of these discoveries is genetic. All are glaring at each other across cyber-chasms of flaming verbal magma. In fact there is room for lots of intermediate positions, including the view I hold, which is that man-made climate change is real but not likely to do much harm, let alone prove to be the greatest crisis facing humankind this century.

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The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins is another. Batteries are no longer boring. His brilliance was of a supernoval intensity, but he was, by all accounts, very far from pleasant company. When two men co-operate on a task, one particular part of the brain lights up in each; when two women co-operate, a different part of the brain lights up in each. In this country, too, inequality is one thing that much rankles with most people, as the 50 per cent tax rate row reveals. I wanted to savour every sentence of this remarkable feast of prose.
Harm reduction means offering safer alternatives, as the lesser of two evils. To those who have engaged with environmental activists in recent years, the concept of fake news is old hat. I ask this because its behaviour in one specific instance goes so utterly with dogma and against evidence as to suggest that there is no longer even a pretence of respect for reason left in Brussels. They follow here in the form of a lengthy essay. But the document itself revealed a far more striking story: Armstrong's situation is compared, both by cutaway scenes and by direct reference in dialogue, to the plight of Frank Wills , the security guard who discovered the break-in that led to the Watergate scandal , which brought down President Nixon. My Spectator article on the similarity between trophy hunting in Africa and grouse shooting in Durham.

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